New Board Members

31 August 2022

In July 2022, we hosted elections to select the Board Members that will lead the Motor Control Group. Congratulations to:

Congratulations to:

Dr. Jim Richards
University of Central Lancashire (UK)
ResearchGate | LinkedIn

Dr. Matt S. Stock
Vice Chairperson
University of Central Florida (USA)
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Dr. Walter Herzog
Secretary General
University of Calgary (Canada)

Thank you to the following individuals who will serve as advisors beginning January 2023. Pictured from left to right.

Dr. Paola Contessa
Delsys & Altec (USA)
ResearchGate | LinkedIn

Dr. Patria Hume

Auckland University of Technology (New Zealand)
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Dr. Jean-Benoit Morin
Université Jean Monnet in Saint-Etienne (France)
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Dr. Archit Navandar
Aspire Academy (Qatar)
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We look forward to more events and opportunities to share knowledge in motor control and biomechanics!

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